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Calombaris tipped as the future of soccer as he prepares to debut for Melbourne Victory in 2018 season

Melbourne Victory manager Kevin Muscat said he knew Calombaris was perfect for the team when he saw the pint sized Hellenian have a pop at a Sydney FC fan twice his size at the A-League grand final in May.

“It’s all very well having a team of Ronaldo lookalikes with dancers’ legs and six packs, but what we need is a real man on the team,” he said.

George Calombaris football

George Calombaris stoked to be playing for Melbourne Victory in 2018.

“He’s like a Greek Maradona, legs like chicken drummers and an attitude to match. He has what it takes to show these snowflakes it’s the size of the fight in the dog and not the size of the dog in the fight.”

Calombaris is putting his restaurant and MasterChef Australia career on hold, but says he’s still pinching himself in case it’s just a dream.

George Calombaris football

George Calombaris with former Melbourne Victory midfielder Heston Blumenthal, who now plays for Premier league team Arsenal.

“Cooking was alright and it paid the mortgage,” he said. “But working 18 hour days seven days a week was generally shit. The TV gig helped, but even that wasn’t so great, as Matt Preston got all the attention on account of his massive cravat collection. Now I am finally living the dream.”

Muscat has high hopes for Calombaris, and says the sky is the limit as far as his on field talent is concerned, with a slot on the national team not inconceivable.

“I truly believe he is the future of soccer in this country,” he said.


Colin Fassnidge quits hospitality after dual nationality scandal http://openhousemagazine.net/colin-fassnidge-quits-hospitality-after-dual-nationality-scandal/ Thu, 19 Oct 2017 23:42:25 +0000 http://openhousemagazine.net/?p=13377

Aussie chefs caught in dual nationality scandal could face deportation

The dual nationality scandal was uncovered after a year-long investigation, which detailed the Bronte resident’s Irish ancestry. Although born and raised in Ireland, not leaving for Australia until he was in his late twenties, Fassinidge says he was dumbfounded to find out he was in fact Irish.

Well-known Aussie chef Colin Fassnidge shocked to discover he was Irish.

“When I heard the news I had to have two pints of Gat and a bottle of Bulmers just to calm me nerves, to be sure,” Fassnidge said.

The news has rocked the culinary world, with many chefs now wondering whether they might be in the firing line. Rockpool’s Neil Perry has called for clarity over the rules which don’t allow chefs to hold dual nationality and work in nice restaurants.

Fassnidge was born and raised in Ireland but has no memory of it.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is said to be devastated, as he along with many Liberal Party big hitters, was a regular at trendy bistro 4Fourteen. The Turnbull Government’s balance of power is hanging in the balance, as the faceless men and one woman face the strong possibility they may have nowhere to conduct their backroom deals.

The Federal Government is now looking at changes to the current legislation to allow top chefs to continue to work here even if they have foreign sounding names.