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Our new address is PO Box 505, Leichhardt NSW 2040. Our phone number has changed as well to (+61) 02 9560 2169.

Saint Peter team to open Fish Butchery http://openhousemagazine.net/saint-peter-team-to-open-fish-butchery/ Mon, 29 Jan 2018 05:20:15 +0000 http://openhousemagazine.net/?p=14746 Josh and Julie Niland behind modern fishmonger in Paddington

The pair describe fish retail store Fish Butchery as a modern fishmonger.

“’Butchery’ because it conjures connotations of dry handled fish, produce that is cut to order and the experience of chatting to a skilled butcher about what to cook for dinner,” said Josh.

“At Saint Peter we have many guests who cook fish at home but cannot achieve the same results as what they experience in the restaurant. We know that the correct selection, handling and storage of fish makes most of the difference.”

Fish Butchery will display fish in static refrigeration rather than mounds of ice. The fish will be dry scaled, gutted, filleted, pinboned and when appropriate dry aged. Fish will also be available cut to order.

“We all know it is so important to buy the plethora of under-utilised fish Australia has to offer,” says Julie.

“It is the sustainable option and also more interesting than the stock standard selection we have become tired of.”

Fish Butchery will be working direct with fisherman as well as the Sydney Fish Markets to bring a variety of these fish to the market in an accessible way.

Restaurant caught between a rock lobster and hard place http://openhousemagazine.net/restaurant-caught-between-a-rock-lobster-and-hard-place/ Mon, 29 Jan 2018 04:56:44 +0000 http://openhousemagazine.net/?p=14743 Rottnest Island restaurateur caught keeping recreational catch on commercial premises

Fisheries and Marine Officers saw the restaurant owner transferring recreationally-caught rock lobster to the premises at the former Aristos Waterfront Rottnest site.

The owner pleaded guilty to a range of fishing offences including pulling too many recreational lobster pots and failing to tail clip or tail punch the rock lobster within the allowed time.

“Recreationally caught rock lobster must be tail clipped to distinguish them from commercially caught lobster,” a Department spokesperson said.

The restaurant owner was suspended from holding a recreational rock lobster fishing licence for six months and ordered the forfeiture of seven seized rock lobster pots.

Australian Garlic Bread Co launches new individual Garlic Slices http://openhousemagazine.net/tip-top-launches-new-individual-garlic-slices/ Mon, 29 Jan 2018 04:45:30 +0000 http://openhousemagazine.net/?p=14740 New look Australian Garlic Bread Co caters to burgeoning garlic bread market

According to international trends, garlic bread is an increasingly popular menu item in the UK and US, with Australian dining trends expected to follow suit. The new AGB Garlic Slices cater for an increase in demand for more premium, convenient options.

The diagonal cut slices take 4-5 minutes to cook and come packaged in convenient trays so venues are able to prepare only what is required.

“The new AGB Garlic Slices are particularly good for hotels, restaurants, caterers and cafes that want a premium garlic bread option,” said Darren O’Brien, national account manager at Tip Top Foodservice.

“They’re not just your classic sub that you get from a pizza place. Designed to be taken straight from the box to the oven, the slices are not stuck together in the packaging so there is less likely to be damage and waste unlike other slices on the market.

“On top of that, as the slices use margarine instead of butter the product is low allergen and vegan friendly which is pivotal in today’s dining scene.”

Tom Milligan joins Le Cordon Bleu http://openhousemagazine.net/tom-milligan-joins-le-cordon-bleu/ Mon, 29 Jan 2018 04:20:17 +0000 http://openhousemagazine.net/?p=14736 Milligan predicts vegetarian revolution in Australia

Over the last three decades Milligan has worked with internationally renowned chefs such as Raymond Blanc, Terry Laybourne, Michael Quinn, Stephanie Alexander and Cheong Liew in some of the world’s most renowned restaurants and hotels.

Chef Tom Milligan joins Le Cordon Bleu.

“With the food industry on the cusp of innovation and change, this is a perfect time for me to take on the role of Australian technical director at Le Cordon Bleu,” he said.

“There are so many facets to the industry now, and the fact that you no longer have to be locked into a commercial kitchen, means great opportunities also exist for food writers, bloggers and food stylists.”

Having worked all over the world, he believes Australian chefs are more innovative than their overseas counterparts as they are not restricted by a particular heritage.

“In Europe you want to push forward but are ultimately restrained by tradition, whereas in Australia, our chefs come from a melting pot of different nationalities, so they tend to be more freestyle,” he said.

He also believes the key opportunities within the food industry are the trend towards plant based diets and sustainability.

“Plant based dishes have become hugely popular within Australia with more foodies adopting a vegetarian diet or embracing sustainable options.”

Peter Howard recognised for his services to the hospitality industry http://openhousemagazine.net/peter-howard-recognised-for-his-services-to-the-hospitality-industry/ Mon, 29 Jan 2018 04:06:45 +0000 http://openhousemagazine.net/?p=14733 Peter Howard recognised in Australia Day Honour list

“The only thing is that I am amazed that Peter’s contributions to various Industry and tourism sectors have not been recognised before this,” said HTN CEO Michael Bennett.

2017 HTN Peter Howard Culinary Scholarship winner Mikaila Mikulic with Michael Bennett (left) and Peter Howard (right).

“However the recognition has come and we congratulate Peter and say well done.”

Howard has been involved in the hospitality industry for nearly fifty years, with the Peter Howard Culinary Scholarship a major feature of HTN’s calendar for nearly two decades.

HTN continues to service that award that sees a winning HTN apprentice chef go for work experience wherever they want in the world with return airfares and $5000 for expenses.

Howard said he was shocked when the initial letter arrived informing him that he was being considered.

“I am humbled to be there with them just as I am humbled to be granted this great honour of being named in the Order of Australia,” he said.

“I guess it is when this recognition comes from out of nowhere for doing what I always loved doing, I am humbled and naturally I accept the honour for the work I have done over the 33 years in the food and wine media and for nearly five decades of being involved, in many aspects, in the hospitality industry.”

Godfather of nouvelle cuisine Paul Bocuse dies aged 91 http://openhousemagazine.net/godfather-of-nouvelle-cuisine-paul-bocuse-dies-aged-91/ Sun, 21 Jan 2018 21:51:54 +0000 http://openhousemagazine.net/?p=14726 Tributes pour in for legendary French chef Paul Bocuse

Bocuse was the ‘godfather’ of nouvelle cusinine, bringing it to worldwide attention in the 1970s. His restaurant, L’Auberge du Pont de Collonges, has earned three Michelin stars since 1965 and he was named “chef of the century” by rival guide Gault-Millau in 1989, and again by the Culinary Institute of America in 2011.

French mourn the loss of legendary chef Paul Bocuse.

He launched the celebrated chef competition Bocuse d’Or in 1976,with the gastronomy competition viewed as the one of greatest accolades a chef can aspire to win.

Macron said chefs across France “crying in their kitchens”.

“His name alone summed up French gastronomy in its generosity and respect for tradition but also its inventiveness,” Macron said.


Merivale to offer full set of Penfolds Grange http://openhousemagazine.net/merivale-to-offer-full-set-of-penfolds-grange/ Fri, 19 Jan 2018 05:46:57 +0000 http://openhousemagazine.net/?p=14719 Merivale’s new wine acquisition puts in a league of its own

The rare full set features 63 bottles of Penfolds Grange, ranging from the first ever experimental 1951 vintage made by Grange’s creator and Australia’s wine industry pioneer, Max Schubert, through to the latest 2013 vintage release by Penfolds chief winemaker Peter Gago.

It also includes the ‘hidden bottles’ from 1957 to 1959, when Schubert was ordered to stop making Grange. The rare acquisition makes Merivale one of the only hospitality groups in the world to house the collection.

Exciting times for Merivale’s group sommelier Franck Moreau.

The Penfolds Grange collection will be featured on the wine list at est., Felix and Mr. Wong, and can be made available at any other Merivale venue if requested in advance.

“This is going to be a huge year for Merivale and our incredible team of sommeliers,” said Moreau. “Adding these iconic Australian wines, alongside prestigious international brands and back vintages, to our collection allows us to take the Merivale wine program to the next level.

“We want to focus on creating the best possible guest experience by not only providing top end wines, but also encouraging diners to discover unique and interesting drops”.



Café owner fined $27k for deliberate underpayments http://openhousemagazine.net/cafe-owner-fined-27k-for-deliberate-underpayments/ Fri, 19 Jan 2018 05:32:46 +0000 http://openhousemagazine.net/?p=14717 Former Oliver Brown manager fined $27k for seeing what he could “get away” with

The manager was responsible for hiring staff and setting wages rates. He was found to be liable for involvement in the underpayment of 12 staff, who were paid flat rates as low as $10 and did not receive weekend loadings.

It was found that staff were paid low flat rates that undercut the minimum rates for ordinary hours, casual loadings and penalty rates under the Restaurant Industry Award 2010.

Seven of the underpaid were overseas workers, with one Korean national found to be owed $9188 in back-pay.

Judge Salvator Vasta said the manager had “quite deliberately calculated to see what it was that he could ‘get away with.”

“There doesn’t appear to be any other explanation as to why there were some rates given to some people and other rates to others, except when one looks at the personal and cultural background of the workers.”

New burger for tennis fans http://openhousemagazine.net/new-burger-for-tennis-fans/ Fri, 19 Jan 2018 05:22:59 +0000 http://openhousemagazine.net/?p=14714 The Baseline Burger bounces into Melbourne for the Australian Open

The special-edition Baseline Burger has fluoro-yellow buns with sesame seed stitching and is filled with beetroot and pineapple, along with a beef patty, bacon, a fried egg and cheese.

Available across the Melbourne CBD at The Duke, The Crafty Squire and Imperial Bourke Street, and at The Provincial in Fitzroy, the burger is the brainchild of Australian Venue Co. senior head chef Nick Hollands.

“Melbournians love to get involved in events, particularly sport. The whole city is buzzing with Open Fever, so we wanted to carry that excitement through to the table,” said Hollands.

The Baseline Burger’s shade of fluorescent yellow is made using matcha powder and saffron to achieve the instantly recognisable tennis ball yellow.

“I called up The Pastry Lounge and asked if they could create a custom colour for me and they were really keen,” he said. “We went through several batches of buns to get the colour just right.”

The Baseline Burger is available during the Australian Open until January 28.